I am a Bitcoin investor who purchased his first bitcoin in 2013. I believe the current financial system is in a deep shit and It is a matter of time before it collapses.

Many people are hedging with gold. I like gold for what it is but we are in 2018. (2019 few days later.)

Gold isn’t mobile. Gold can be counterfeited.

Bitcoin is mobile. Bitcoin can’t be counterfeited.

In 2018, things change so fast. Big corporations exist today, not tomorrow. You should be mobile, you should be agile. Gold is heavy. You can’t get through the borders with a bag of gold. You’ll be dead the moment they realize what you are carrying.

With bitcoins, you can enter/leave any country without worrying about any danger. You can carry all your life savings along with you and nobody would even notice.

Imagine yourself as a Syrian citizen. Your country is being occupied by the terrorists. What would you do? I don’t think you would stay and fight. That’s dumb. Like any person with a brain you would run away with whatever you can carry. Your kids, your wife and your precious metals. 

You may think “This is not going to happen in where live.” but you should know that not so long ago It happened in the USA. The Federal Government banned owning gold for the US citizens in 1934 and confiscated all the gold people had.

Only If they knew about Bitcoin! D’uh!

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