Getting Started With Burst Mining

Do you have a lot of Hard Disks which you don’t use? Do you store terabytes of porn, movies, mp3’s which you never watch and listen? Then I got good news for you.

You can start deleting those useless crap (don’t delete all the porn ;)) and start mining BURST.


BURST is a decentralized crypto which you can mine on your hard disk. You don’t need a GPU or CPU or an ASIC to mine burst. All you need is disk space. The more disk space you got, the more BURST you mine.

During the mania in late 2017 and early 2018 mining BURST was so profitable, I couldn’t help but bought a few 8tb HDD from seagate and mining this coin since then.

Sadly the profits went to the ground especially after April ’18 but I still have faith in this project because It is trying to create something unique.

Burst is a crypto currency which was forked from NXT. The good thing about mining this coin is, you can always sell your used HDD later if you decide that it is a bad investment. Especially if you bought your HDD’s used.

A pile of harddisks

People lock their coins in Master Nodes and when they decide to leave the network because of the poor performance of their assets, they have to dump their coins. But if the coin performs poorly, then it means they are getting out from a lower price than they entered in the first place.

That’s not how it is with BURST. You can start mining with used hardware and you can get out when you feel like, without any financial loss, even if BURST goes down in dollars.

Cost of Operation

What about the operational costs? What costs? Running the hard disks consume almost no electricity at all. All you need is a laptop with a USB 3.0 port and you are ready to go. (i series Intel Processors is also needed for plotting)

I was going to tell you about the secrets of BURST mining but this post has already become very long so I’ll cut it here. Maybe next time I’ll go more deep. Happy mining!

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