Which Strategy Is The Best?

If you feel lost in all these stuff like trading, hodling, altcoins, leverage etc… Here is what I do.

If I had to describe what I do with one word, it would be ;


That’s right I hodl. I do it for years and I made fat bucks just by doing nothing.

I don’t trade much, I don’t make leveraged trades neither. From time to time, I play with altcoins but I usually end up with going back to the bitcoin.

The majority of my holdings are in bitcoin. I hodl some small coins like Litecoin, Monero too but not as many as Bitcoins.

Why would I do that?

The longer you play, the higher chances to lose. Trading is not much different than playing in a casino. I’ve seen guys who made super profits from trading but I am not those guys. I like the passive income more. You really don’t have to do anything other than sitting tight. You can enjoy your time while doing some other stuff like playing guitar or exploring outside. Sitting in front of a screen every day is not healthy.

The proof

If you have Dollar Cost Averaged $10 a week in the last three years, you would be up 68.58% right now.


Do you think these numbers are low? How much you get from bank interest? 1%? 2%? Compared to that ~68% is huge. Of course you can get similar returns from the stocks markets too, if that’s your thing.

What about altcoins?

There are hundreds of thousands of them and solid ones like Litecoin or Monero are already big enough. They probably won’t be giving you more profits than Bitcoin. They may actually but it won’t make much of a difference unless you buy them very very cheap after they get dumped.

People made a lot more just buy holding eth or ripple during the 2017 boom but that times is over. Those coins are already big now. If you buy them now you probably won’t make big gains again.

It is always a better idea to be on the safer side.

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