All You Need To Know About Bitcoin Trading: The Mayer Multiple

Have you ever wished to know just one indicator which tells you the exact bottoms and exact tops all the time without any mistakes?

Then this must be your lucky day because I am going to tell you about just what you were looking for.

The Mayer Multiple. Originally founded by Trace Mayer, the Hodler of Last Resort.

You can calculate the Mayer Multiple by dividing the current price by 200 day moving average. It is as easy as this. No complicated calculations, no Bollinger bands, no Elliot waves…


Take a look that chart. It shows you where to buy and where to sell without any mistakes! If you followed this method since 2013 you could have made a lot more than just by hodling.

The current Mayer multiple is 0.69 as I’m wiring this post and it only tells you one thing: Buy the fucking dip.

Edit from September/2019: Turns out I was right! What a surprise!

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